The Stork Club is a 21 & over venue , so please don't book-in unless all band members (& guests) are 21 with an ID

We'd prefer it if you had 25-45 minutes of material

for more info check out the POLICIES page


email  the booking manager from HERE:

StorkClub Booking


or send Demos to:

The Stork Club

2330 Telegraph Ave.

Oakland Ca. 94612

Click here to see

Stage & Sound System info


if you can hook up with some other bands you really like playing

with and make a night of it , we're especially interested!

After you get your show booked, don't forget to visit our LINKS page to send your publicity photos & press releases to the local press & on-line listings. you might even get a live slot on local college radio! We try to publicize ALL shows as much as we can on this website and through reverbnation & other social media networks, but attendance is 100% the results of your efforts to get a crowd out to see you! due to the wide range of acts that play the Stork Club, there is no regular crowd that drops in every night. If you don't publicize your show, you will be playing to an empty room

There's no such thing as TOO much publicity