Photo: Adam Tow




Photo by Bill Dane

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Lo-rise (6") carpeted lounge stage. 9' deep x 16' 10" across.   Back wall covered in tile, extremely 'live'



MIXER: Mackie SR244 VLZ pro, 15 channels available

EFFECTS (reverb)   2x Alesis Microverbs

                       (echo)  ART 1024 Digital Delay 


1X 4-CH Behringer MDX4600 MultiCom Pro-XL  (inserted on Vocals 1-4)

1x DBX 163x compressor (inserted on Bass)

1x FOSTEX MODEL 3070 Stereo compressor ( inserted on  groups 3+4)

1x Alesis 3630 stereo compressor ( inserted main L&R output bus )


FOH 1x DBX 2231 dual 31 band EQ/limiter interactive  graphic EQ

monitors:  1x Behringer FBQ6200 dual 31 band  graphic EQ


PA: 5.5K Custom stereo (partial) QUORUM PA system. 2650w a side.

Rane MOJO (analog)   2-way active stereo crossover (w/ Mono Sub out) 

highs crossed over@2Khz. Sub LPF set @ 100Hz

2xRane A22 (analog) 3-way active stereo crossovers @128hz,500K & 3.6Khz



Hi-HighsMackie M800 (HPF set @6.4khx)@ 12ohms (Community 2" HIs + 2x BOSE  4" drivers per side)

Highs: Peavey CS800s (HPF set a 2Khz)@ 4ohms (JBL 2412 tweeters)

Mids: Carver PM1. 5 @ 12ohms (CommunityM200s, mids + Tannoy 10" concentrics)

Lows:  Crown CE2000 stereo @ 4ohms ( JBL TRs 2x 15" drivers per side)

Subs: 2x Mackie i1400s mono bridged @ 4ohm (LPF set @60Hz) 2x Kliomax pro 18" drivers a side


Monitors:  Vocals: Crown CE2000  4ohm ( 2x EV 12" Drivers)

                      IDM 3000  8ohm  dual mono ( Kenwood Mid & Hi drivers)

   Back-fill: QSC   RMX1850 HD 8ohm dual mono ( back-fill 15" Drivers)



highs/lows: 4x JBL TR125 cabs

highs/mids: 2x CommunityTFR64s horn assemblies augmented with 2x4" Bose drivers (HIs) & single 6" Tannoy driver (MIDS)

Subs: 2x JBL SR4719A cabs w/ 2x Eminence Kilomax 18" each


MONITORS: Aux 1 vocal monitor feed into two  ceiling mounted Kenwood  wedges.  Aux 2 drum monitor feed into  two 15" back-fill cabinets. 1200 Watts available. 4x 15" drivers tweeters


The StorkClub uses

drum mics!



MICS: 4x Shure SM58 vocal mics,   2x Equation Audio DMI.1025 amp mics  3x Equation Audio Drum Mics. 3x Audix f-10 Tom mics

1x Audix f12 Bass cab mic 1x Audix OM-2 snare mic  3x Samson stage mics

3x Rapco direct boxes, 2x Radio ShackXLR/1/4"  adaptors, 

up to four direct ( balanced) TRS 1/4" -XLRm cables available for 4v.line level feeds from balanced mixers/ computer interfaces




 2x Technics turnables  & radio shack mixer

There is a mobile DJ cart, roughly 8' distance from mixer patch bay,  No local monitor.  please remember to bring your own 12' (recommended) RCA to " jack cables & your own headphones. 


there is also a VIDEO PROJECTOR available for performers who wish to use projections during their set or have a video DJ on their crew. the projector is mounted in the ceiling  at center stage and projects on a 12' x 8' screen on the back stage wall. the projector only accepts  standard (analog) A/V (RCA) & (PC) VGA connections. users of Mac laptops are asked to supply their own adaptors. both types of cables are run to a convenient location in front of the sound booth for laptops & video devices. the projector does not use USB connections


The Stork Club welcomes bands who wish to document their sets and the sound staff is trained to provide sound desk feeds to video cameras & other devices


mics below are only for documentation mix feed

2x  Audix condenser stage mics hung on ceiling. ( stage noise)

2x  Audix condenser room mics hung on ceiling. (crowd noise)


 there is also a PC for recording bands  and your set can be burned onto an audio CD. ( please bring CD-R  media if you can)  No recording fees will be charged by house sound staff. Although, tips are gratefully appreciated. For any other questions please e-mail Xtian (Sound Crew Administrator) & he'll help you out.



There is a LIT merch table  in back where the bands stash their gear with a light and a larger table next to the bar available for bands to sell their merchandise.