STORK CLUB Policy Disclosure Statement

Responsibilities of bands/performers:

1. All performers appearing at the STORK CLUB must be at least 21 years old with valid ID to be presented at the door.

2. Bands need a minimum of 20 minutes to 45 minutes maximum of material to perform unless it's  AMOEBAPALLOZA or something like that.

3. All performers are expected to load in their equipment between 8 PM & 9 PM, unless cleared in advance with  the booker. Please place equipment in the 3 designated areas in BACK of the main room. Please do not set equipment in front or next to the stage, once again, there are 3 designated areas in BACK of the main room for your gear where it will be safe from loss or damage. The club cannot be held responsible for  stolen or damaged equipment placed next to the 'mosh pit'. Please wait for the sound tech to set up the mics first before putting your gear on stage. it just slows things down setting stuff up around your gear.

4. If you are the opening band and arrive later than your scheduled start time (usually between 9:30 -10:00) you will go on LAST unless you have made other arrangements with the booker.


5. Show starting times are:

Sunday thru Wednesday - 9 PM

Thurs, Fri, Sat - 10 PM

Nights with 4 or more bands - 9:30 PM

(Start times are subject to change as per Booker or sound technician.)

6. All performers are expected to check in at the door with the door person and get stamped (after load in).

7. All performers receiving this document are confirmed for an appearance.

8. Band order will be decided the booking agent.

9. If you are unhappy of the order of the set times, please take care of that with the booker BEFORE the night of your show.  Only the Booker  has the ability to fix it /make it up to you/ explain why it went down the way it did. Do not assume the sound tech or door person can fix it. Thanks.

10. please bear in mind equipment set-up time is part of your allotted performance time. all bands get  the same stage time, if you take 25 minutes to set up your gear, that will leave you less than 1 minute to perform before you have to take it down. There is sufficient room in the band gear areas for drummers to set up hardware beforehand. Please make sure you brought your own tuner, fresh batteries, g-string, eye shadow, etc.

If you have an extraordinary set-up or costumes, please advise the booker in advance, so the staff can help out with showing you the make-up/changing areas or help get your gear onstage in a reasonable amount of time.

11. Please be respectful of the other bands by setting up and breaking down quickly and efficiently. Talk to your friends and/or groupies after your set and OFF STAGE. Thanks



Yes, you can bring in your own dinner of course, there's a couple of good places nearby, but please don't bring in drinks, soft or otherwise into the club. There is an organization called the ABC, ( Alchoholic Beverage Control) and they'll bust our asses for letting people bring in their own drinks. That includes coffee,sodas, juices, bottled water. it's just the law. While the club cannot condone drinking in your van, it's usually a better idea to do it there if you absolutely must. Drinking in front of the club on the sidewalk is just stupid and as much as a BUST as anywhere else, so don't do it if you don't like Cops getting in your face or the local  crack-heads hittin' you up for a swig. The club has a water cooler where you can get plenty of fresh water for free and there's  coke, sprite, red bull, etc. available at the bar for cheap.


You will be expected to initial this identical statement the night you appear at the club.

(This confirmation is considered a commitment. Commitments are expected to be fullfilled. Failure to show at a scheduled appearance may result in an inability to be booked again. In all cases, communication with the Booker, is expected and appreciated.) the first rule of success is  to SHOW UP, right?!

12. Bands are expected to stay for the duration of the show (to support the other bands). It is the nice thing to do! If you need to leave before the show is over, please mention this before your gig to the Booker. Bands get paid when all music has stopped for the evening and we have stopped collecting door cash. Bands that leave early will have to pick up their share at The STORK CLUB during bar hours (Tues-Sun after 4 PM) at a later date. Money not collected by bands at the night of performance, will be held for 90 days only, after which time they become the property of the STORK CLUB and will be used to replace damaged microphones, cables & stands.

13. Bands/Performers will not intentionally or willingly destroy or steal STORK CLUB property. Damaged gear may be taken out of your band's share of the door revenue. This includes decorations and knick-knacks found around the club. yes, they look tempting, but If you really MUST be a jerk, be aware that stupidity can be cost you something at the end of the night.


1. When all members of each band has arrived & shown valid ID, you are entitled to one drink ticket per band member. be careful of the one band member of your group that picks them up for 'everybody else'. These drink tickets are good for 1 domestic beer, period. Or* placing $1 in conjunction with your drink ticket will buy one  drink or an import beer. The BOOKER reserves the right to change and/or amend this policy at his/her discretion. sometimes it's different. If you haven't worked out something with the booker beforehand, it's ONE drink ticket per band member

2. Bands are entitled to one guest per band member. You can give the door person the name(s) of people to be allowed in at no charge. *Note to the wise! Keep in mind every free admission cuts down the amount of money the bands receive. Three or four bands using all their guest passes in one night, drasticly reduces total door revenue. Consider wisely on free admissions. It's up to you! If you have invited media to your show, please call the Booker in advance and they will be added to the house guest list. This helps us keep track of articles/write-ups as well as maintaining the guest list.

3. The STORK CLUB makes no guarantees nor pays any flat fees - period! The club's payment policy is: an even door split between bands after door and sound person have been paid from door revenue. ($65: $25 for the door guy, $40 for the sound guy) the rest is all yours. bring in a good crowd. you won't hear any weird stories.

This is the policy unless you have specifically worked out  another arrangement with the booker in ADVANCE.

. Again, bands will be paid at the end of the night.


*Note: Upon occasion, we have special performers wherein the split may vary.


Of course, If your Band has any special requests, or feel your draw will be significant enough to charge more at the door, etc, please contact  ( the Booker & they'll accommodate you as well as they can within reason.